Task-specific gloves vital to safer working environments

Adequate hand protection is one of the key messages highlighted in the recent report by Safe Work Australia into workplace serious injury claims.
In its latest findings into serious claims from injuries to hands, fingers and thumbs, 40% of upper limb-related serious claims in 2015-2016.
Common hand injuries include lacerations, fractures, sprains, strains and burns, which can result from workers becoming distracted or engaging in unsafe behaviour, defective protective equipment, an unsafe working environment or powered and non-powered hand tools.
Labour-intense applications have a heightened risk of injury as the use of potentially dangerous equipment and materials have a greater propensity to cause injury.
A study by Liberty Mutual Research Institute (Boston, USA) found that when workers wore gloves, it reduced the risk of hand injury risk by 60 percent. A severe hand injury limits physical activity, keeping workers away from their trade until the healing process is completed.
The overall median time lost from a work-related injured increased from 4.2 weeks in 2000-2001 to 5.2 weeks in 2014-2015.
It is imperative that workers equip themselves with task-specific hand protection, avoid distractions and remain vigilant to protect their safety.
When hand protection is inadequate or excessively worn out, fit awkwardly or are cumbersome to work with, then a serious hand injury can occur. A low-cost solution to protect hands and minimise injury is using well-made gloves.
Wells Lamont’s premium cowhide leather gloves have been crafted to remain durable and feel comfortable throughout long days.
These gloves provide exceptional abrasive resistance and include an extra palm patch for reinforcement and extra grip and protection. The Gunn cut and Keystone thumb design provides comfort and flexibility.
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