Water- resistant leather gloves


HydraHyde® is Wells Lamont’s patent-pending, specially-tanned leather that is both water resistant and breathable.
Standard leather gloves absorb water and perspiration. When they do, they get hot and uncomfortable. When they dry out, they get stiff and boardy, never to regain their original natural feel. And who wants that?
Wells Lamont HydraHyde® leather:
Drier hands are warmer hands, and our HydraHyde® leather helps make that happen. This means improved comfort and wear over the life of the leather.


Our unique process creates water-resistant gloves, keeping your hands dry and comfortable. 


Hydrahyde® gloves breathe in ways ordinary leather doesn’t, keeping hands cool & dry.


After Wells Lamont’s unique tanning process, Hydrahyde® gloves have a flexible, broken-in feeling.

Exceeds international standards

Wells Lamont HydraHyde® has been tested through the British Leather Centre, the world-renowned institute for leather research and testing.

We took our tried and true work glove designs, added a few tweaks, and swapped out that old water-absorbing leather with our new HydraHyde® leather.