Women’s HydraHyde® Leather Palm Work Gloves


The Wells Lamont Women's HydraHyde® Leather Palm Work Gloves are made using a patent-pending specially-tanned leather that is both water-resistant and breathable, providing you with superior comfort extended wear over the life of the leather. The Women's Leather Palm work gloves combine the durability of HydraHyde® leather and the flexibility of spandex. Now you can work harder and longer with our water-resistant HydraHyde® work gloves from Wells Lamont. Not only will they keep your hands dry and safe with a water-resistant and puncture-resistant grain leather palm, they will also fit great with an adjustable wrist closure. Reinforced fingertips and a neoprene knuckle lining for toughness and durability. Garden, landscape, farm and more with our Women’s HydraHyde® Leather Palm Work Gloves.
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  • HydraHyde® leather is tanned to create water-resistant, breathable gloves.
  • Especially designed for women.
  • Aqua spandex back and saddletan colour grain cowhide.
  • Comfort Closure™ adjustable wrist and reinforced fingertips.
  • Lightly-padded neoprene knuckle inserts.